Our first rickhouse

Over the past 12 years, through extensive rickhouse research we custom designed our state-of-the-art rickhouse design. We call it “Torta A Tre” - A Three Layered Cake. Smaller three floor rickhouses are the best to properly age barrels. With our Torta A Tre design, we have two small rickhouses in one. Floors one through three hold 13 barrels on each side. As you go up the cake tiers, floors four through six hold seven barrels on each side. The last tier, which you might consider the seventh floor, is our attic, which allows for the airflow to push through the entire rickhouse.

Dan Campbell

After deciding to make his hobby legit, Francesco needed to find property in Kentucky to be the home of Luca Mariano Distillery. That’s when our President, Danny Highfill, found Dan Campbell, “Dan The Land Man,” a real estate broker out of Danville, KY. Dan Campbell took Francesco and the team to look at properties in Bardstown, Louisville, Frankfort, Lexington, and everywhere in between, but nothing compared to the old William Crow farm in Danville, Kentucky. Dan worked tirelessly to convince the property owners to sell their property to piece together the original William Crow farm from 1783. We are very thankful for Dan Campbell and all that he has done for us to bring our vision to fruition, which is why we dedicate our first rickhouse to him.

After twelve years of hardwork and patience, the completion of our rickhouse has been bittersweet.
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